Our customers matter:

At Zaad we care about our customers' satisfaction, and we work hard to deliver the best food service to them. We want our customers to be sure any dissatisfaction is not easily tolerated, however humas errors happen and you may question when we consider your order refundable or applicable for change.

When Can I get a refund or change of order?

- Food is not what you ordered.

A customer can ask for change of order at the restaurant if he gets different food that what he ordered. For delivery orders, if a customer receives food that is different from the receipt, they should contact your restaurant immediately. They can then choose to either have your driver deliver the correct item (and pick up the incorrect one) or receive a credit.

- Food contains a foreign object.

A customer needs to show food to chef or send a photo of it to the restaurant if he found a foreign object in food that may not be good for human health.

- Food is not fresh or not cooked well.

A customer may ask for order change if he finds food is not well cooked or appear to be not fresh as usual (in this case it goes back the chef evaluation of food and what can be offered).

Note: All Refunds And Exchange Of Order May Only Happen After Customer Receives his order immediately and must contact the restaurant remotely or in person. Also, Evidence of food problem should be Present with customer when asking for a refund.

Please don't hesitate to contact us by applying a contact form on this website if you had any negative experience with any order.